Customer service vs Professional services


Customer Service
Our customer service assist customers with inquiries, issues, or problems related to the use of the company's software. We provide support and guidance to ensure that customers can use the software effectively and efficiently.
Price : included in the licence
Professional services
We have a dedicated team of data experts to help our customers for custom data needs;
For example: create a custom data preparation, a custom score, a dashboard, etc.
Price : 150€ per hour Some customers have a nb of “professional services” hours included in their licence.

How to know if is included in the scope of the customer service?

In short.
If you need something which should be easy to do with the software, it’s customer service.
If it is something that requires some SQL or custom API queries, it’s professional services.
Add new source without dataprep
Customer Service
Add new source with basic dataprep
Customer Service
Add new source with custom dataprep
Professional Services
Add a basic computed file
Customer Service
Add a custom score
Professional Services
A basic dataprep is a series of data transformations that is possible to do using only no code preparation recipes.
Some examples
Customer service
Professional services
I want to add the calculated field "Date of last customer ticket"
We can help you do this if you have already created a "Customer Tickets" dataset to make the link.
I want to add the "Customer Tickets" source
We can explain how to add a CSV source and help you do it in the software.
We can do it for you. It's 1 hour of work once we have access to the source file that follows the basic rules.
I want to add the calculated field "Appetite for product category A"
We can try to give you advice on how to approach this, but it's not a score available on the shelf, it needs to be done in SQL. Here are some partner agencies that can help you xxx.
We can do it for you, with a standard protocol. It takes 1 day of work, or X€, and here are the prerequisites and parameters. For something more custom, we recommend talking to the following agencies: xxx