How to leverage data my web analytics

Functioning of the web log reconciliation

  • We do not have an in-house tracking solution, nor do we plan to develop one, but this does not prevent us from exploiting the web behavioral data in Octolis.
  • The recommended approach is to capitalize as much as possible on a classic tracking solution.
  • Most of our clients use Google Analytics 4 (or an equivalent like Snowplow, Piwik, Matomo, Eulerian,...) which allows to collect web behavioral logs in a datawarehouse (often Google BigQuery the solution natively fed by GA4).
  • // The web behavioral data are events such as "page view" or an action on the site "add cart", which are anonymous or associated with a userId (that of the ecommerce CMS).
  • Octolis connects natively to BigQuery, and allows you to retrieve the tables of events generated by GA4.
  • By default, Octolis retrieves "logged" events (i.e. associated with a userID) with a retention period of 90 days to stay within the standard data volume quotas
  • No "retro identification" by default (i.e. associating anonymous events to a userId if we see that the same cookie Id has been associated later to a userId), but it is possible in custom SQL.