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Connector Octolis <> Google Sheet

You can retreive data from any Octolis Dataset into a Google Sheet (using the importdata Google sheet function).
To live query a dataset from a Google sheet, please use the following syntax :
plain text

Main parameters

  • audienceId : (mandatory) The ID of the Audience you want to extract data from (ask Support if you don’t find it). Please replace {{audienceId}} in the above.
  • apiKey : (mandatory) Your API key that will be provided by our Support. Please replace {{apiKey}} in the above
  • format : (mandatory) Export format must be set as csv for Google Sheet.

Additional parameters

  • pageSize : (optional) Results page size, must be a positive integer ("50000" by default, which also is the maximum size of a page).
  • page : (optional) Results page number (optional): positive integer ("1" by default).
  • selection : (optional) Selection of columns that should be retrieved. Please replace {{columnList}} in the above. Example: selection=email,firstname,masterid
  • filter : (optional) Equality filters applied on the records (optional). Using several filters on the same column will result in an OR condition. Exemple : filter=firstname:Marc,firstName:Jeanne,consent_sms:true
  • header : (optional) Export headers for CSV format (optional): "true" (default) or "false".
  • order : (optional) Sorting for the results "asc" or "desc" (default), done on our system modified_at column.

Exporting large datasets

When you have more than 50 000 records in your Dataset you need to export several pages using a specific Google sheet syntax combine with some of our query params.
Below is an example for querying up to 150 000 records.
plain text
Please notice that queries to fetch more than the first 50k records have an increased page param and a header param set to false.

Exporting many columns

When you export a lot of columns, the global size of data might exceed Google sheet capbilities, even though you have less than 50k records.
In such a case, you will need to use the above method for exporting large datasets, with pageSize params set to a smaller number (like 5k or 10k).

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