How to handle requests for anonymization?

Typically, we encounter two common use cases that require anonymization:
  1. Archiving inactive contacts after 3 years
  1. Responding to requests for anonymization (often initiated through a customer support ticket with a specific tag)
In the first case, we run a regular workflow to identify inactive contacts and move them to a specific dataset. We then anonymize any personally identifiable information (using SHA256 or MD5), remove it from other Octolis datasets, and export the file with anonymized contacts. In the second case, we add support tickets with the tag "Anonymization Request" to a specific dataset. We then anonymize the contact information, remove it from our systems, and export it.
One limitation to consider is that in some cases, it may not be possible to remove contact information from downstream systems.
This requires a "Delete" action in our output connector, but some tools do not offer a "Delete" endpoint in their API or we may not have prioritized this feature.