Our Splio connector can be used as a source and a destination.
As a source, we will use our SFTP connector as Splio mainly sends back events.
By default, you can send a whole table or only the increments.
To learn more about the different types of sync, see the dedicated page.

API limits and quotas

By default, Splio’s API quota is 7 requests per second.
We push it to 30 requests per second.


  1. Select the entity where you want to send your dataset.
  1. Select the key
    1. Only in the case of the contact entity as it can be custom.
    2. For the other entities, the key will be detected automatically.


  • You are able to create or update any records in real-time through our API connector from the following entities: Contact, Order, Order item, Product, Loyalty, and Stores.
  • Interactions are only available through our SFTP connector.

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