What is the purpose of the monitoring view?


In the “Monitoring” Octolis section, you have access to an intuitive tool that keeps you informed of the status of your datasets and syncs updates.
Feature presentation video :


Let's take a closer look at how our Monitoring view can help you manage your data updates more efficiently.
  1. Status of Dataset/Syncs updates: You can see at a glance which ones have been completed, which are still in progress, which are pending, and which have failed.
  1. Filter by Dataset or Sync: To make it even easier for you to keep track of your data syncing/updating, you can filter the results by Dataset or Sync. This allows you to quickly find the information you need and focus on the most relevant one.
  1. Filter by Date or Schedule: You can also filter the results to search for a specific day or schedule. For example, if you want to see the information related to the syncs that have been completed since this morning at 10:00 am, this tool enables you to access this information quickly.
Below is a preview of the monitoring view:
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