How to create a new DB user?

Octolis needs to access your databases for two distinct reasons:
  1. Using a DB as Datawarehouse (we will create three schemas for our own usage and tables for Sources, Datasets, and Syncs inside of them, see ).
  1. If your want to plug your DB as Connection from which Octolis needs to retrieve data.
In the first case, Octolis will need read & write access to your DB: create schemas, tables, functions, sequences...
In the second case, Octolis only needs to read some tables inside of your database.
We promise we will never write/modify anything outside of the three schemas we manage, but you might still want to create specific users for us to make sure we can’t. Here below is an example of how you can achieve this with PostgreSQL.
Create a readwrite role & user (for the Datawarehouse or for a Connection used as a Source & Destination).
Create a readonly role & user (for a Connection used as a Source only).
By the way, if your DB is protected by an IP address whitelist, don’t forget to add our IP! (see ).