How to create a support ticket ?

  • Demands should be very specific, especially for potential bugs
    • What did you do with a screenshot / video (cf. Awesome Screenshot Chrome plugin)
    • What did you expect / What did you get

Why Detailed Tickets Matter

The more precise your ticket, the faster you get a resolution. Vague tickets will result in back-and-forth exchanges, wasting time for everyone. Aim for clarity so our support team can quickly replicate and resolve your issue.
The key rule to have in mind is that Octolis Customer Service team should be able to replicate the issue you’re describing very easily without any doubt.

The Anatomy of a Good Ticket

Your mail should answer these questions step by step :
  • Account, example “KFC - Production” (some of our clients have several accounts).
  • Summary in one sentence, example “Error XXX when saving my dataset after the change xxx”
  • What did you do? Describe in bullet points what actions you made + Add screenshots and/or video.
  • What result did you get? Describe in one or two sentences what did you get + Add screenshot to make it clear.
  • What result did you expect? Describe in one or two sentences what was the expected behavior.
  • How did you investigate the issue?
    • → If the issue is visible in your datasets then you should be able to solve the issue
      → Either way, you may check the source files of your datasets, the issue may also be visible in them
Here are two relevant examples of tickets :
This ticket will need long time, reformulations, and lot of work to be treated
Hello We received a complaint from a customer who made several purchases but his loyalty points were not updated. After quick investigation, I did not find the customer. Could you help me? Thanks
Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the person who will receive this ticket.
When I receive such a message, I have several questions to understand it and be able to replicate the issue.
  • Who is this customer? (Email, MasterID)
  • Where are the “Loyalty points” computed? The CDP job is to send purchases to a loyalty system, so on CDP side, the job is to make sure that purchases are well processed and sent to the Loyalty system.
  • Did you search the customer in the Dataset “Contacts” by Email and/or MasterID?
  • Did you search the customer in the Sources?
  • If customer exists, did you receive his orders in the sources?
  • If customer exists, can we find his purchases in the dataset “Orders”?
Much better ! Your issue will be resolved very soon
Hello dear Octolis team
  • Account: “MySuperCompany - Prod”
  • Summary: Some orders are not sent to Loyalty system
  • Situation / Actions: We have
    • Dataset “Contacts” fed by a source “Contacts Eshop” and a source “Contacts POS”
    • Dataset” Orders” fed by a source “Orders Eshop” and “Orders POS”
    • A sync which all records from the dataset “Orders” to the Loyalty system XYZ
  • Issue:
    • Customer whose Email is and masterid is xxxxxxx
    • His orders exist in the dataset “Orders”
    • I cannot find his orders in the Loyalty system
  • How did you investigate the issue?
    • I checked 2 other customers for which the orders are well sent in Loyalty system
    • I checked if this customer has specificities in his orders, which was not obvious.
By being this specific, you help us help you—faster.