Add Source to a Dataset

Now that you have created your Dataset with one data source, you can combine it with other ones. There are two kinds of combinations of data sources:
  • Merge > You can merge two data sources made of the same type of data, for example, Contacts from source A with Contacts from source B.
  • Join > You want to combine several data sources made of different types of data, for example, to join Contacts with Customer service tickets, in order to add the date of the last ticket for each contact.
Step 1 - Add a new data source
The first step, you can click on the button “Add source data” in the top right of the screen.
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Step 2 - Choose the data source you want to add
You can choose a table from one of the Sources defined in the “Connectors” menu. It is also possible to choose an existing Dataset as a source.
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Step 3 - Describe the data source and choose between merge or join.
You are invited to:
  • give a name to this second data source that will enrich your dataset.
  • choose the frequency at which the dataset will be updated from this data source.
  • match the data source with a business category. The purpose here is to give a business sense to the data source.
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Based on the business category, Octolis suggests that it is a “Join” type of combination.
Step 4 - Define the fields to import
The objective here is to choose the fields from your data source that will be imported into your Dataset. You can choose all fields or select only some of them.
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Step 5 - Define the link between data sources + Map the fields with your dataset
You are asked to choose how this second data source will be joined with the first data source: which field(s) could make the link?
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Once you choose a field, you can map the new data source with your dataset.
The first column of the dataset is based on the first data source. When you scroll down, you will see a button “Add column”.
This button will allow you to add new columns to your dataset based on the second data source. For example, if you have joined Contacts with Orders, you can add columns like the Date of the last order, Number of orders, Average amount in the last 30 days, etc.
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Once you have added your columns based on the second data source, you can finish the process with the button at the top right.