What should be the specs of my Octolis DB?

So far, we only support PostgreSQL as main database used by Octolis to process your data. Of course, you can connect data warehouses like BigQuery or Snowflake as data sources.
You can use whatever Cloud Platform you prefer to host your data warehouse.
Here is an example of the minimal config we recommend on AWS RDS:
  • Type: PostgreSQL
  • Instance: db.t3.medium (see here)
  • Region: Ireland
  • Storage: 100Go
  • Backups: we recommend having some backup at least once a day (e.g. at 3:30)
Make sure not to overload the instance by putting other databases used by several tools on this very instance.
If you’re connecting other tools to the database Octolis will access, it is important to ensure Octolis always has enough connections available.
The maximum number of connections depends on each customer's usage. We recommend anticipating around 100 connections from Octolis.
There is no other constraint, just make sure the version of your warehouse is not too old (≥ PG 11).
You will need to provide standard credentials to that Octolis can access it:
  • host
  • database name
  • login
  • password
Don’t forget to add the Octolis IP address to your whitelist if you have one.
For performance reasons, we advise you to create your DB in a European data center, preferably Ireland region.