SendinBlue integration

ListFlows allows you to connect with your SendinBlue account. Once connected, you will be able to add SendinBlue lists in ListFlow and run transformations like cleaning, enrichment and scoring.

Create a new SendinBlue Integration

In your ListFlow account, go on Settings section.

listflow sendinblue

In the “Connect with data source” – SendinBlue section, click on “Add”.

You are invited to enter your SendinBlue API key. You can get it from SendinBlue Account / Profile / API.

sendinblue api keys

After you entered the API key, the SendinBlue account should be listed in the “Connected accounts” section.

Edit your SendinBlue integration

At any time, you can Edit or Delete your SendinBlue integration. To do so, click on the “Options” button at the right.

sendinblue edit integration

Please note that ListFlow does not store your SendinBlue data. We clean, enrich and score data without storing it on our side.

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