Data Preparation

“Preparing” data is the first step in using ListFlow. After importing your contacts, the software performs a number of treatments to clean, structure and enrich your data. The result is a clean contact base, ready for scoring and workflows.



In this article, we will explain the different steps taken in preparing the data. If you want to quickly understand the meaning of the columns you get after preparation, I invite you to go directly to “Lexique des colonnes“.

Instructions for cleaning / enriching your contacts

1. You import a CSV file or plug in a data source

From the “Lists” tab, you can add new contacts. Two options are available to you:

  • Import a CSV file, or
  • Connect a source : Spreadsheet, FTP, Salesforce or something else.

If you connect a source of “dynamic” contacts, ListFlow will automatically detect new contacts and import them every 10 minutes.

2. You activate the option “Preparation”

When importing the file, data preparation is enabled by default. Note that the data preparation will take place on the initial contacts, as well as all the contacts that will be imported later.

3. The results appear in the “Contacts” tab

Once the contacts are imported, and prepared, they appear in the Contacts tab, with many new columns.

Zoom on the treatments performed

Data enrichment

For each contact, we will use the fields “Email” and / or “Company name” as starting points to enrich your contacts. Note that you can directly import companies, in which case we use the fields “Company name” or “Siret” as keys for enrichment.

We add both data about the contact itself, and about his business. You get additional fields like the post, the linkedin profile, and for the company, the siret, the address, the phone number, the turnover, the industry, or the technologies used on its website. . To know the list of added fields, and the meaning of the columns, I refer you to the “Glossary of columns”.

It should be noted that ListFlow allows for the enrichment of B2B data only, and we remind you that we do not sell any personal data, neither B2C nor B2B. We use a database of internet businesses and research live on the internet com.

Format email address

Simple but still very useful, we break down the email address to identify the “format”. The result appears in the “email_format” column.

Existence of the email address

For each email address, we perform tests to check if the email address exists. Our test focuses on the suffix of the address, using an MX test, but this allows us to identify only part of the erroneous addresses.

To ensure 100% of the existence of the email address, we offer an option “Email cleaning” in Workflows. This is an action to perform once the initial import of your contacts made.

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