Add companies (EN)

The “Add companies” feature allows you to add a list of companies according to your targeting criteria :

  • Business sector: corresponds to the company’s NAF code
  • The location: corresponds to the postcode / department / city
  • The size of the company: corresponds to the number of employees / turnover
  • A multitude of other criteria that you will find by following this link..

The companies then add in the companies tab with a multitude of additional information. You will find the meaning of the additional columns by following this link.

1. Launch the search from the “Add companies” contact tab

In the “Contact” then “Companies” tab, click on the “Add Companies” button.

2. Define the targeting criteria

1.Start by choosing your criteria of conditions that you want:

  • “All” if you want companies to meet all your targeting criteria
  • “Any” if you want companies to meet at least one targeting criterion

2. Then choose your segmentation criteria:

  • NAF Code: “Company Industry Code”
  • Postal Code: “Company Postal Code
  • Department Code: “Company State Code”
  • Number of employees: “Company Employees number”
  • Turnover: “Company Revenues”

All the possible segmentation criteria by following this link.

3. Then your operator:

  • “Regex”: formulas allowing to select specific character strings … (more information about this by following this link)
  • “Is”: is equal to …
  • “Is not”: is not equal to …
  • “Is greater than”: is greater than … (cipher value)
  • “Is lower than”: is less than … (cipher value)

In this example, the segmentation is as follows:

  • NAF Code 5829C – Application Software Edition
  • Department of Paris
  • Number of employees greater than 100
  • Turnover greater than 100,000

3. Get an estimate of the number of companies

An estimate of the number of companies is calculated.

4. Choose the number of companies you want

You can choose the number of companies you want to add to your company list.

5. Discover your results in Contact> Companies

You will find the results in the tab “Contact” then “Companies”.

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